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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Okay, guys!

This blog has kinda gone downhill. In order to get 50 more followers we have to have more writers and we need to write about interesting this. I know I don't own this blog, but I follow many blogs, and I have a few of my own (which aren't wonderful- I'll admit). And in order for people to like our blog we have to cater to the gossip hungry bitches of stardoll.

That's why I'm looking for new writers that will make this blog interesting. If Viva doesn't wish to hire the ones I recommend then she may delete this post, but this is what I think we need to do to make this blog interesting.

In other news I'm hosting a competition. There will be a prize, but I still have to decide what it is. This will be a medoll/make-up/clothing competition. There will be several rounds, so If you can't complete every round please don't enter. 
There will be a new round every 5 or so days.

If you're interested in entering please fill this out and post it in the comments:
First name:
Stardoll user:


  1. First name: Eona
    Stardoll user: hotanddanqerous

  2. fuck ur right ashlyn! lets make this work for us all! ive gotta spare hour! think that would get us about 10-15 followers? i'll post as much as i can about it!