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Be A Writer

First of all qualifications to be a writer

  • You must be a follower
  • You must post at least 3 times a week at the minimum
  • You must NOT post pictures of your self unless you get permission from me or the manager
  • Using inappropriate language or pictures could get you suspended
Sections which you can write under:
  • Freebies
  • HotBuys
  • Make-Up tips
  • Styling Tips
  • Stardoll Gossip
  • Competitions
~Tell me if you have thought of a good topic that might be really good for the blog!

You MUST select a section. If your section is not mentioned above make references about your section in your applications. Though you can be a random writer

In your application you must include:

Stardoll nickname:
Why you want to be a writer:
Your Section:

Best of Luck everyone!


  1. Hey Viva Stardoll, im Maariyah and i used to be a writer for this blog , unfortunatly i hadnt the time to do much, on Stardoll my name is sportsrocks123. i want to be a writer so i can express my daily routine of going on stardoll everyday and sharing what i experience everyday , the reason why i should be picked is because i lost my first chance and dont want to loose it again and i promise i wont slack off. im not interested in doing only one topic , i tend to mix and match so its not boring for me, i dont mind being putinto a category though.if theres anything need to be done you can count on me and ill use my skills to produce great topics

    Dont miss out xxx

  2. candace/teamrihanna
    i wanna be a writer because i love this blog i would be onerd

    Best of Luck everyone xxx

  3. hey, well i am already a writer for COS's Inspirational MeDoll section. I don't really mind what i have to write about as long as its not spoilers because i have no idea as to how to find those out. I would like to contribute to this blog as well since you guys are media partners with COS. I would really like to broaden my horizons with being a blog writer. I like to challenge myself so yeah...

    Contact me on my guestbook:

  4. hello :) My username is dazzfairy18fan.
    Well, I would like to write to show how much, I express of bloggin'.

    Well, I could write a bout medoll of the week, free stuff, graphics, comps, makeovers, and more :)

  5. Hi im Jade and i would like to be contacted in my stardoll guestbook or message either one.My stardoll username is MystycalJade.I would like to be a writer cuz my blog stink, but urs rocks.I can write about makeup turials, free things, etc. And i am a follower

  6. Stardoll nickname: Cherrygirlz
    Why you want to be a writer: Because I have a passion for blogging. I also deeply enjoy writing. But, I believe that blogging is a brilliant way to spread ideas and information.
    Your Section: Stardoll Gossip because I like to keep people informed!

    Experience: I have written for Fashion-experts-of-Stardoll.