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How to get Free

To find out hot to get free follow these simple steps:

1. On a post about free Items on the title in will specify if it is SuperStar-SS, Stardoll Royalty-SR (if it doesn't have either its for everyone).

2. Each post will include a picture of the free item and what country its from. There will be a link to get it if you are from that country, if not you will have to use a web proxy.

3. A web proxy allows access to pages from different countries.

4. Each post will have a set of web proxies you can use to get access to the contest, club etc.

Are you understanding it so far? If not let me know in comments and I will help you out. If yes continue reading.

5. On a free post you will see a link you will have to put into the web proxy. First highlight it and copy it.

6. Click on one of the links to a web proxy. Look for the proxies URL bar (it will be somewhere on the page) and when you have paste in the link and hit enter.

7. It will bring you to a page (the language might be different) and Log in to your stardoll account. 

8. Then do what the post told you to do-
  • Join the club
  • Change view in the link to finish and hit enter
  • Enter the contest
  • etc.
9. Then simply go log out and go to stardoll like you would usually do. On the post it will also tell you where the item will appear. 

10. If you do not get the item, try again and if you still don't get it leave a comment at the post.

If you didn't clearly understand how to get free items contact me (doggielover666) from our Contact Us page, or in comments here.

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