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Saturday, 11 February 2012


WIN: An account with-
·   10 stardollars
·   120 starcoins (and still increasing!)
·   Over 500 starpoints
·   Make-up
·   Rares
·   Ready to use presenatation ( a few different styles)
·   4 rooms
·   4 interiors
You can visit the account HERE
What you need to do:
Design a Valentine's Day themed doll, scenery or suite and send me a printscreen of it in comments along with your stardoll username. Good Luck! You have until Valentines Day! Results will be announced on the 15th February!

Friday, 10 February 2012


What do you think of the new look? Let us know in comments! Looking for new writers!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Stardoll needs more new members! The more members the more fun! Come and hang out today!

dress up dolls- Click this link to go directly to stardoll!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Read please...Important

Okay so honestly...this blog stinks! We have got NO comments what, so or ever and instead of getting followers we're LOSING followers! I knew this blog was never going to be good anyway, no matter what you do people have no respect or appreciation whatsoever. We've never got one single comment that at least said thanks, nothing! I'm just gonna leave this blog..its just pointess.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

How to: Stardoll

Yes, the original Stardoll brand. What can I say? Even though I'm not this brands biggest fan, I love the signature mix of style in this brand, and I'm sure everyone has found cheap usable pieces in there too. For this how-to I'm doing 2 outfits for both Stardollars and Starcoins! Enjoy :)

  • Sparkeling Jacket-Stardoll-7SD
  • Knitted Button Dress-Stardoll-7SD
  • Stacked Boots-Stardoll-6SD

Grand Totale:20SD

  • Waves Jacket-Stardoll-6SD
  • City Chic Dress-Stardoll-7SD
  • Sky Blue Velvet Boots-Stardoll-9SD

Grand Totale:22SD


  • Stardoll Necklace-Stardoll-10SC
  • Velvet Blue Bow Purse-Stardoll-68SC
  • Rock Candy White Boots-Stardoll-75SC
  • Flower Skirt-Stardoll-50SC
  • Waves Top-Stardoll-50SC

Grand Totale:253SC


  • Moto Cross Bag-Stardoll-50SC
  • Everyday Long Blazer-Stardoll-60SC
  • Knitted High Heel Boots-Stardoll-50SC
  • Skinny Jeans-Stardoll-50SC
  • Stardoll Belt-Stardoll-30SC
  • Wild Knitted Sweater-Stardoll-50SC
  • Everyday T-shirt-Stardoll-50SC
Grand Totale:340SC

Hope you like 'em ya'll,


Bozana <3

Thursday, 26 January 2012

NEW Dorée!

NEW Dorée! Just click the picture to go to the store! I think its for valentines day?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New DOT Valentines Collection

So the new make-up if themed for Valentines Day, so its all pinks,red and purples! But there's some grey too.  Some things are more expensive than usual but I don't really mind. Do you? Will you buy anything?

Stardoll-Holics (Get Addicted)

Yes, my new blog. 

I will not be abandoning this blog though. I will stay unless this new one turns out to be better, which might not be the case. I'd really appreciate it if you could follow it though and comment. And writers if you would like to apply and write there too I'd be more than happy to transfer you. Click HERE to visit now.