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Saturday, 28 January 2012

How to: Stardoll

Yes, the original Stardoll brand. What can I say? Even though I'm not this brands biggest fan, I love the signature mix of style in this brand, and I'm sure everyone has found cheap usable pieces in there too. For this how-to I'm doing 2 outfits for both Stardollars and Starcoins! Enjoy :)

  • Sparkeling Jacket-Stardoll-7SD
  • Knitted Button Dress-Stardoll-7SD
  • Stacked Boots-Stardoll-6SD

Grand Totale:20SD

  • Waves Jacket-Stardoll-6SD
  • City Chic Dress-Stardoll-7SD
  • Sky Blue Velvet Boots-Stardoll-9SD

Grand Totale:22SD


  • Stardoll Necklace-Stardoll-10SC
  • Velvet Blue Bow Purse-Stardoll-68SC
  • Rock Candy White Boots-Stardoll-75SC
  • Flower Skirt-Stardoll-50SC
  • Waves Top-Stardoll-50SC

Grand Totale:253SC


  • Moto Cross Bag-Stardoll-50SC
  • Everyday Long Blazer-Stardoll-60SC
  • Knitted High Heel Boots-Stardoll-50SC
  • Skinny Jeans-Stardoll-50SC
  • Stardoll Belt-Stardoll-30SC
  • Wild Knitted Sweater-Stardoll-50SC
  • Everyday T-shirt-Stardoll-50SC
Grand Totale:340SC

Hope you like 'em ya'll,


Bozana <3

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