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Thursday, 22 December 2011

How to: Winter Queen

As stereotypical as this is, i had to do it, because Snow inspired fashion is my favourite. I'm using one of the dolls from my other account for this, and will be doing the make-up, nails and outfit.  Just to let you guys know, these posts take an awfully long time. I mean it takes me about an hour and a half to put these together so bear with me if i dont post automatically. Also, i will be away from the 1st-10th of January due to Religious celebrations. :)
The colour combo is strictly blue, silver and white.


  • Cloud Dancer Glitter Lipstick-Luxe-20SD
  • Luxe Lipgloss-Luxe-24SD
  • Silver Eye Dust-Luxe-22SD
  • Frozen Eye Dust-Luxe-22SD
  • Cloud Dancer Eye Dust-Luxe-22SD
  • White Fluid Liner-Dot-3SD
  • White Collection Lengthening Mascara-Dot-2SD
  • White Collection Volumizing Mascara-Dot-3SD
  • White Collection Eye Pencil-6SD

  • Top Coat-Polished-6SD
  • Holiday Silver Glitter-Polished-16SD
  • Snow Crystal Tattoo-Sprinkled-3SD(qty.2)
  • PearlRing Blueish-Sprinkled-1SD(qty.2)
  • Snowflake-Sprinkled-2SD(qty.2)


  • Top Coat-Polished-6SD
  • Holiday Blue-Polished-16SD
  • Wings-Tiptoe-2SD
  • Snow Crystal Tattoo-Sprinkled-3SD(qty.2)

  • White Pearlised Long Skirt-Film Theory Classics-10SD
  • White Tulle Ruffle Skirt (Im obsessed with this skirt)-Chanel Holiday Tribute-24SD
  • White Faux Fur Armwarmers-Apres Ski-4SD
  • White Lace Bodysuit-Film Theory Classics-14SD
  • White Faux Fur Tall Boots-Apres Ski-8SD
  • White Perforated Belt-Chanel Holiday Couture-10SD
  • Gossamer Light Wings-Otherworld-14SD
  • Tzarina Tiara-Otherworld-10SD
  • Blue Diamond Tiara-Epiphany-30SD
  • Hope Diamond Necklace-Epiphany-20SD
  • Diamond Detailed Earrings-Epiphany-18SD
Grand Total:162SD


  • Puffy Harlow Sleeves-Film Theory Classics-80SC
  • Kate Wedding Skirt-Perfect Day-150SC
  • White Classic Ankle Boots-Stardoll-67SC
  • Gloves-Voile-40SC
  • Oversized Snowflake Earrings-Apres Ski-53SC
  • Pearl Cape-Pretty 'n' Love-50SC
  • Silver Braided Belt-Perfect Day-80SC
  • Victoria Top-Stardoll-50SC
  • Pearl Veil-Perfect Day-50SC
  • Audrey Necklace-Glam 'R' Us-50SC
 Grand Total:670SC



*Please don't forget to comment your opinions! ^.^*

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