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Friday, 23 December 2011

The History of 'Viva Stardoll' and 'Stardoll on Camera'

So I wanna do this project called "The History of 'Viva Stardoll' and 'Stardoll on Camera'"
I will tell you how the whole blog started and how it is now and everything in between.
I know that at the moment we have a few projects but I'm sure we'll manage.
We have the graphic course, which I haven't forgotten about! And we also have Princess_111111 doing the 'How To' make-up, clothing, and nail tips which I think is fabulous by the way!
Then we have Ashlyn doing the videos and Monica doing the make-up tips and news. I think its going pretty well! Its just the comments and followers I'm worried about. We need more followers and comments! So follow if you dont already and PLEASE comments!
Anyway back to The History of 'Viva Stardoll' and 'Stardoll on Camera'. I'm not sure when its gonna start but its gonna start soon I think. There will be competitions within the project and great prizes too so get ready!

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