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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Graphic Lesson 2

Take a print screen/screen shot of your doll side ways and  paste it into paint. Select around your doll and crop it. Rotate it so that its upright.
Select free-form selection and carefully select around your dolls arm, then right click and copy it. Paste it and rotate it 90° to the right. The reason why u are doing this is because if you rotate the arm you selected half of it will disapear.
Select around the first arm you selected and delete it
Select around the rotated arm and stick it onto your dolls body:
Now we will do the wrist:
Select around the whole wrist and hand using free-form selection and copy it
Remove the first wrist and once again select around the whole wrist and hand using free-form selection then rotate it 90° to the right
Move it over to join the arm
Then usin the last lesson this is what you should be able to do:
-Zoom in when you are free-form selecting and take your time
-Use color picker to fill up any white gaps on the body when you are joining bits together

Optional: Flip over the head for a cool effect:

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  1. awesome, cant wait to see the next lesson :)