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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Graphic Lesson 1

Follow these simple steps showing you how to make both your dolls legs staright :)

1. Go to stardoll as usual and take a print screen/ screen shot of your doll on a white background in your suite
[HINT]: turn your doll sideways

2. Crop around your doll ONLY! Then rotate it to make it staright You should end up with a picture like this:

3. Select around your straight leg, right click and copy. Once you've done that select around your diagonal leg , right click and hit the delete button on your keyboard. Your doll should have 1 leg now:

4. Right click and paste, your straight leg should appear. Move it over to where the diagonal leg was and then flip it horizontally. You should have ended up with this:

 [OPTIONAL]: If you want you can select around the head and flip it vertically and you'll have this:
You can also do this with the diagonal leg. Send me in the graphic you made with todays lesson, best graphic will recieve a gift. Remember your stardoll nickname though!
Well done if you got that! If not tell me which part confused you and I'll try and help you.
Next lesson all show you how to make arms and hands. See you then!

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  1. Thanks! I always wondered how people did that! :)