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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Epic Medolls: Ocookie, PreppyAngel, and Syd_Is_No_Sqiud

Hey, dolls! Ashlyn here with a few epic medolls.

My first epic medoll is is Syd_Is_No_Squid

  Her nickname is Syd. And she is part of this stardoll clan. She is a martin, like me, and we have our own langoo.

I love her doll because it's different.

Our next doll is PreppyAngel

Her name is Maureen. She's a DC'er.
I've seen many of her medolls, there's on I wish I had posted on here, but she no longer has it. But her dolls are always epic, and I wish I had her talent.

Our last epic medoll is Ocookie

This girl's name is Brianna. She too is a DC'er. She always has epic medolls.
I think this doll is epic, in a creepy way.

This has been an epic medoll post.
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