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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Princess_111111's Essentials in the Stardoll world.

I'm pretty sure people have noticed that i use certain products over and over again in my posts. So today I've put up a post outlining why i use these products so often.

  1. Black Liquid Liner (Dot, 3SD)- I think I have used this in almost every post and the main reason is that it's cheap. Not only that but you can do a lot of lining with it and adjust it to how you want it to look on your doll. I have the old Sephora version of this in my Beauty Parlor.
  2. Lengthening Mascara (Dot, 2SD)- I have used this one in every post. Literally. I love how you can get the false lash look with this mascara and combined with the Volumizing Mascara it makes your doll's eyes pop without the need for fake eyelashes. I LOVE IT.
  3. Volumizing Mascara (Dot,3SD)- I have also used this mascara in the majority of my posts. I love how it gives almost non-existent lashes a well needed boost. I have the old Sephora version of this in my Beauty Parlor.
  4. Luxe Lipgloss (Luxe, 24SD)- I think this item is SO overpriced but in the long-run a good investment. This is the only continous lip product I have used in my posts and let me tell you, I freakin' love it. For those who can't afford this, I have the free version of the Maybelline Lipgloss in my Beauty Parlor. Unfortunatley, this item isn't free anymore, but look at blogs like HTGF or contests and events for freebies or promos. I'm sure another one will pop up somewhere.
  5. White Eyeshadow (Dot, 5SD)- I have this eyeshadow in my own Beauty Parlor, and I use it ALL THE TIME. I have no idea what i would do without if i was highligting or overlaying colours, but jesus it's worth every Stardollar. I suggest you add this to your Essentials kit.
  6. Tulle Ruffle Heels (PPQ of Mayfair, 20SD) - I admit it. I love shoes and these are no exception. While I love all of the PPQ shoes these are my favourites! I used them in my New Year Gold post and again in my Black Swan post.
  7. Cyclamen Blush (Dot, 8SD)- I la la love this blush, although I don't personally own it *cough* no stardollars *cough* I still love the soft bright colour. It can be used for accenting aswell as an overlay on a another colour, really the possibilities are endless!
  8. Black Eyeshadow (Dot, 5SD)- I have this one aswell, and God knows how many times I've used it. I mean it's a necessity at the very least!
  9. Red Blush (Dot, 8SD)- I love how the blushes are so much more expenive than the other Dot Products. Well i bought this one when i had SS membership aggeeeesss ago (August) and BEST INVESTMENT EVAAAR! I actually have no words to describe this blush. I think my doll sleeps with it, because that is how often i use it! Must have.
  10. Pantyhose (Film Theory Classics, 7SD)- Any type of black pantyhose will do, i just used the Film Theory ones alot because they were the only ones that were in Stardollars. Basically I have like ten types of black pantyhose for my doll in various shades. Whether they are fishnets, tights, opaque tights, whatever they are a very very good investment for any wardrobe.
Now on to my ULTIMATE ESSENTIALS...That I have used in one or if any posts...
  1.  Black Kohl Pencil (Dot, 6SD)-I use this when I don't want the look of eyeshadow, but a nice subtle hint of it. It's also good for creating smoky eye.
  2. Black Polish (Polished, 11SD)- This is the only nailpolish i own and boy am i glad it's thisn one. I ALWAYS have it on, and I don't care if it matches. I love the matte colour and just in general black.
  3. Lovely Lashes Top and Bottom (40SC 30SC each, Sunny Bunny Accessories)- The PERFECT DIY lashes that with the new feature in beauty parlor are fabulous for all of those who don't have Stardollars. I just LOVE THEM. 
  4. Moon Drop Earrings (Glam 'r' Us, 76SC) - Really any kind of statement earrings would do, but i love these because they are a cheaper version of  Epiphany earrings and just as glamorous! I have these and use them at any possibility.
  5. Purple Steeltoe Platform Boots (Evening Falls, 16SD) - I LOVE THESE. They are perfect for adding a punk look to a dress or anything really. I love how they are military style and I think they are essentials, because I use them for like, every second outfit.
  6. Heavyweight Black Platforms (Fallen Angel, 40SC)- Alright, you need any type of Platform Pump in your wardrobe and these are just my favourite black ones. I use them quite frequently and i absolutley love pumps. You should always have at least one pair of platform pumps.
  7. Roses in Snow Dress (Mortal Kiss, ? Starbazaar prices)- This is my favourite dress on Stardoll and by any means, you MUST HAVE A FAVOURITE DRESS. It's an essential to have one good dress that you will dress your doll in over and over again. This dress for one, is my absolute favourite. My doll has been seen in it too many times.
  8. Inspired by De La Renta Jacket (Windows to the World, 50SC)- This jacket is perfect for almost any outfit, and to be honest its probably the only jacket that I have been very fond of on Stardoll. I really love how it's a cross between a blazer and a jacket. Everyone needs at least one jacket that goes with everything.
  9. Hot Buys Studded Beret (Bonjour Bizou, 50SC) - Probably one of the few non-SS Hot buys, this beret is my favourite headpiece. I honestly don't like the look of most headbands on Stardoll and some of the hats are ridiculous! I love this one, and to be honest, if i hadn't bought it, I would've been screwed.
  10. DIY Slashed Pants (Bonjour Bizou, 8SD) - These are my favourite jeans on Stardoll with the exception of the Winter Mill Jeans of course. They literally go with everything and my doll can be seen sporting these babies. They are on the expensive side, but an excellent investment in any wardrobe.
  11. Owl Tee (?. 10SC) - This is my favourite tee on Stardoll. It's super adorable and I've had at least ten people ask me to sell it to them and I said no. Really guys, what isn't in somebody's bazaar and they haven't said that they are going to sell an item isn't for sale. (Y)
  12. Selma Blair Gala Dress (Archive, ? Starbazaar prices) - By some luck, I bought this dress for 4SD, don't ask, I'm not telling. This is the only rare I own and to be honest I don't need anymore. I love this dress because it's super formal. So having said that, a must have in any wardrobe is a floor-length formal dress. I have a few of my own in real life, and they are a life-saver when it comes to a Wedding or a really important awards night.
  13. One Shoulder Tulle Dress (Fallen Angel, 14SD) - Ah, the classic LBD. I really like this version of the LBD and I'm just using it as an example because I don't really have any *GASP*. A wardrobe must-have is the LBD and it is a crime against fashion if you don't, which is a crime I'm comitting on Stardoll. Any LBD would do, it's a classic, and always will be.
  14. Inspired by Chanel Handbag (Decades, 6SD) - Chanel. The birth of the bag. I have to say that this is bag is the closest to the real version. I don't own any Chanel or any brands really *cough* Liar you have a Vintage Leather Prada*cough* but I LOVE THIS. If a person could have a signature handbag, this one would be mine.

Hope you guys liked this post! Hope it's more insightful in to me!


Bozana <3

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