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Sunday, 15 January 2012

How To: Liquid Metal

So, todays how-to is inspired by the Rio Metal Head collection but with a twist. I will be using items from the collection but i  will also add touches of gold, silver, copper and black. Enjoy my little munchkins!!
Outfit+makeup for this post!


  • Luxe Lipgloss-Luxe-24SD
  • Black Liquid Liner-Dot-3SD
  • Lengthening Mascara-Dot-2SD
  • Volumizing Mascara-Dot-3SD
  • Purple Soil Eyedust-Luxe-22SD
  • Russet Orange Eyedust-Luxe-22SD
  • Caramel Eyedust-Luxe-22SD
  • Purple Soil Glitter Lipstick-Luxe-20SD
  • Burnt Orange Blush-Dot-8SD
  • Golden Rod Haircolor-Doree-6SD

  • Diamond Wave Earrings-Epiphany-20SD
  • Opaline Webbed Shawl-Otherworld-8SD
  • Black Pearl Swirl Bangle-Epiphany-16SD
  • Hammered Silver Bangles-Killah-5SD
  • Gold Plated Asymmetric Dress-15SD
  • Gold Sparkly Laced Shoes-5SD

Grand Totale: 69SD


  • Gold Filigree Hoop Earrings-Rio Chickas-43SC
  • LiuJo beigegolden shoes-LiuJo-39SC
  • Flower Bracelet-Wild Candy-40SC
  • Grand Gold Filigree Necklace-Rio Chickas-46SC
  • Gold Metallic Belt-Tingeling-53SC
  • Gold Crinkle Miniskirt-Rio Chickas-84SC
  • Silver Plated Top-Rio Chickas-68SC

Grand Totale:373SC

Comment your opinions!


Bozana :)

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