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Friday, 13 January 2012

How to: White Swan

Hey, Hey!

I'm back from my holiday and ready with many more outfits up my sleve! Yes, i had a great relaxing holiday with my books, but now im back and i have to say the blog looks great Vikkah! I love my banner, and i will get back to posting regularly, as of .. NOW.

Todays theme is a continuation of my previous post Black Swan, so today i will be doing
outfit +makeup, theme: white+ feathers.

  • Cloud Dancer Eyedust-Luxe-22SD
  • Luxe Lipgloss-Luxe-24SD
  • Cloud Dancer Glitter Lipstick-Luxe-20SD
  • White Collection Volumizing Mascara-3SD
  • White Collection Lengthening Mascara-2SD
  • White Collection Liquid Liner-3SD
  • Bridal Blush Haircolor-Doree-6SD


  • Pearl Tiara-Epiphany-30SD
  • Mother of Pearl Earrings-15SD
  • Kate Wedding Top-Perfect Day-12SD
  • Bjork Swan Dress-Voile-7SD
  • WhiteWedges-Film Theory Classics-7SD

Grand Totale: 71 SD

* Bear in mind, that you dont have to copy this exact outfit. Feel free to remove any expensive items and replace them with anything you like that fits this theme :)


  • Victoria Top-Stardoll-50SC
  • Audrey Necklace-Glam 'r' Us-50SC
  • Pantyhose-Stardoll-30SC
  • White Ruffle Boot Cuffs-Pretty n' Love-43SC
  • Tiffany Shoes-Voile-30SC
  • Royal White Headpiece-Perfect Day-60SC (qty.9, 540SC)

Grand Totale:  743SC

*Note, this is expensive because i made the skirt using the Royal White Headpiece layered to create a tutu.

Comment your opinions ya'll,


Bozana <3


  1. that a real gud one! im gonna do somthin like how to only its gonna be called rock the look and its gonna be about real life too x

  2. schweeetttt!thats gonna look awesome, and now that you mention it, it would be a good idea to have a whole section dedicated to how-to, but with matchups in reallife by using a creator website. I used to use looklet, but thats closing down.... so yeah. sucks. but great idea!

    1. yeah it is! theres a reply button now! yay!

    2. Thank god for reply buttons!! :D