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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How to: Couture Business

Hey my lovely little munchkins. Since I have been at work every day for the past week, I figured to do a business themed how to just to fit on with my exhaustion. So having said that... This means that for the rest of this week and the majority of the next I will not be posting very often. I'm beyond exhausted, and i really have hardly any time to actually eat and sleep. So without further ado.... i give you my makeup and outfits for this How to!


  • Luxe Lipgloss-Luxe-24SD
  • Lengthening Mascara-Dot-2SD
  • Volumizing Mascara-Dot-3SD
  • Black Fluid Liner-Dot-3SD
  • Cyclamen Blush-Dot-8SD
  • Golden Fleece Lipstick-Dot-8SD
  • Frozen Elderflower Shade Stick-Dot-9SD
  • Malibu Blue Shadestick-Dot-9SD


  • Coco Hat-Decades-7SD
  • Blue Stripe Maryjane Platforms-Pretty 'n' Love-5SD
  • Inspired by Chanel Handbag-Decades-6SD
  • Blue Crop Trenchcoat-Pretty 'n' Love-14SD
  • High Waisted Black Skirt- PPQ of Mayfair-20SD
  • Silver pleated top- Perfect Day-10SD
  • Blue Diamond Earrings-Epiphany-14SD
  • Pantyhose- Film Theory Classics-7SD

Grand Totale:83SD


  • Bag Inspired by Marimekko-Windows to the World-50SC
  • Bubblegum Platforms-Riveria-49SC
  • Pink Studded Bracelet-Riveria-29SC
  • SJP Necklace-Pretty 'n' Love-20SC
  • Linear Collar Blouse-Pretty 'n' Love-69SC
  • Straight-jacket Pants-Tingeling-110SC
  • sunglasses coral diamond-Spectacular-60SC

Grand Totale:387SC

Comment yo opinions,


Bozana <3

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