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Monday, 23 January 2012

How to: Bonjour Bizou

Okay so the next few posts will be on how to work the brands of Stardoll. This means that ALL of the ASPECTS of the outfits will be from THE SAME BRAND. k? So this means only outfits and the first set is from Bonjour Bizou. Enjoy my munchkins! :) Also, there will be two outfits for each currency :)


  • Bracelet Clutch-Bonjour Bizou-5SD
  • Wilder Black Ankle Boots-Bonjour Bizou-6SD
  • Duke Curtain Jacket-Bonjour Bizou-11SD
  • Hot Hot Buys Skirt-Bonjour Bizou-6SD
  • Heart Leggings-Bonjour Bizou-14SD

Grand Totale: 42SD

  • Wild Bow Bag-Bonjour Bizou-6SD
  • Stonewashed Jeans-Bonjour Bizou-6SD
  • Midnight Rhinestone Stilettos-Bonjour Bizou-5SD
  • Leopard Print Scarf-Bonjour Bizou-4SD
  • Cropped Blazar-Bonjour Bizou-6SD
  • Sheer Lace Romper-12SD

Grand Totale: 39SD


  • Bangles w Pearls-Bonjour Bizou-30SC
  • Chainlink Belt-Bonjour Bizou-40SC
  • Jazz Bow Shoes-Bonjour Bizou-62SC
  • Ruffled Bloomer Shorts-Bonjour Bizou-78SC
  • Lace Beard Shirt-Bonjour Bizou-77SC
  • Triple Tassle Necklace-Bonjour Bizou-52SC
  • A Rose Is A Rose Purse-Bonjour Bizou-65SC

 Grand Totale: 404SC

  • Azure Spotted Beret-Bonjour Bizou-54SC
  • Retro Flats-Bonjour Bizou-40SC
  • Thin Poppy Belt-Bonjour Bizou-45SC
  • Winter Garden Floral Top-Bonjour Bizou-86SC
  • Ruffled Print Scarf-Bonjour Bizou-50SC
  • Azure Spotted Clutch-Bonjour Bizou-65SC
  • Wild Tulip Skirt-Bonjour Bizou-50SC

Grand Totale:390SC


Bozana <3

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