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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How to : Opera Glamour

Inspired by the extremely formal fashions often only seen at Opera shows, i have decided to do something with this theme. There is no particular colour theme, but it must be formal. Also im doing makeup + outfits. Nails and toenails take too long.


  • Luxe Lipgloss-Luxe-24SD
  • Purple Potion Eye Dust-Luxe-22SD
  • Cyclamen Blush-Dot-8SD
  • Black Fluid Liner-Dot-3SD
  • Fushsia Purple Eye Dust-Luxe-22SD
  • Volumizing Mascara-Dot-3SD
  • Lengthening Mascara-Dot-2SD


  • Wild Faux Feathers-Bonjour Bizou-6SD
  • Purple Organza Structural Gown-Voile Holiday Couture-19SD (SOMEONE FIND ME THE REAL VERSION OF THIS!)
  • Tied Platforms-PPQ Of Mayfair-22SD
  • Diamond and Pearl Necklace-Epiphany-18SD
  • Diamond Leaf Earrings-Epiphany-14SD
  •  Gold w Purple Diamond Bracelet-Epiphany-20SD
  • Diamond w Pearl Ring-Epiphany-12SD


  • Golden Tube Dress-Voile-120SC
  • White Bow Pumps-Perfect Day-80SC
  • Pearl Cape-Pretty 'n' Love-50SC
  • Coco Earrings-Glam 'R' Us-50SC

As you can see, Starcoins can be very limiting when creating..



*Comment your opinions*

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