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Sunday, 11 December 2011

How to: Holiday Cheer

As we all know...  Holiday fashion is overrated. Too many sequins, not to mention green and red. So i have come up with some outfits that incorporate these overrated things, but on a much lower scale. I think you can radiate holiday cheeriness without looking like a Christmas tree that was decorated by a colourblind 3 year old.


  • Shoulder Pad Blazer- Bonjour Bizou- 6SD
  • Sheer Bodice Bowtie Dress-Bonjour Bizou Archive-16SD
  • Charcoal Tights-Chanel Holiday Tribute-14SD
  • White Box Logo Purse-Chanel Holiday Tribute-15SD
  • Seychelles Thin Bangles-Riviera-4SD
  •  Miss Sixty Tall Black Boots-Miss Sixty-17SD

  • Cream Woven Scarf- Pretty 'n' Love- 55SC
  • Long Sleeved Glitter Tee-Rio-50SC
  • Starry Night Earrings- Bonjour Bizou-39SC
  • Red Slim Pants-Evil Panda-50SC
  • Scarlet Sequin Handbag-Rio-64SC
  • Dark Glitter Ankle Boots-Bonjour Bizou-75SC

Hope this looks as good as i think it does. Comment your opinions,


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