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Friday, 30 December 2011

How to : Fairy Tea Party

Yes, I have a fascination with fairies. Deal with it. So todays outfits are inspired by fairies (der) and high tea parties. (those posh things where you wear big floppy hats and eat finger sandwiches) My mouse that is supposed to help me on my laptop has died and now dragging is going to be a pain. But this is how much i LOVE you guys. Enough to suffer with a shitty pad thing on my actual laptop. Anyways, makeup + outfits for this one and a pastel colour theme,  and Happy New Year dear followers! :)


  • Angel Blue Haircolor-Doree-6SD
  • Cyclamen Blush-Dot-8SD
  • Orchid Bloom EyeShadow-Dot-6SD
  • Thistle Down Eyepencil-Dot-7SD
  • Frozen Eye Dust-Luxe-22SD
  • Luxe Lipgloss-Luxe-24SD
  • Party Pink Glitter Lipstick-Luxe-20SD
  • Pink Carnation Eye Dust-Luxe-22SD
  • Red Blush-Dot-8SD
  • Lengthening Mascara-Dot-2SD
  • Cashmere Rose Eyepencil-Dot-7SD


  • White Lace Cupcake Dress-Voile-14SD
  • Butterfly Wings-Otherworld-14SD
  • Grey Sky Bodysuit-Otherworld-6SD
  • Dita Von Teese Hat-Perfect Day-6SD
  • Killah Rose Headband-Killah-10SD
  • Ornamented Belt-Otherworld-6SD
  • Geometric Acne Inspired Shoes-Otherworld-6SD
  • Pearl Necklace-Glam 'r' Us-6SD

Grand Total-68SD


  • Bow Front Heels- Sunny Bunny Kloz-70SC
  • Ruffle Collar Bolero-Wild Candy-105SC
  • Striped Flora Dress-Wild Candy-129SC
  • Butterfly Print Pantyhose-Pretty 'n' Love-50SC
  • Audrey Necklace-Glam 'R' Us-50SC
  • Multi Pearl Bracelet-Epiphany-150SC
  • Ascot Headpiece-Perfect Day-70SC
  • Pink Rouched Gloves-Perfect Day-60SC
  • Black and White Handbag-Voile-10SC

Grand Total:694SC



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