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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Anime Eyes Tutorial

Hey Hoes. (:
You, want to make a Bleach, Pokemon, or School of the Dead doll? Don't know how to make Anime eyes? Continue reading!

I'm going to show you guys something that lots of people have difficulties doing: Anime Eyes.
They're really simple, but they require a lot of work and money. 
1. Take black tear drops and place them around the eyes. Make sure to have an even amount on each eye. Try to have 20+ black tear drops before attempting Anime eyes.
2. When you're done placing the tear drops, put a regular tear drop in the center of the eye [Optional] or put a fake eye from Sunny Bunny in the center.
3. Add eyelashes to the top and bottom (where the teardrops end) The more you put on- the better.
4. Decorate the rest of your doll Anime and enjoy getting complements on your new doll.

Please add make-up. If you don't I'm not responsible for you doll looking like a poop.
-Ashlyn ♥

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