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Monday, 7 November 2011

Stardoll Technical Problem?

Anyone else's stardoll not working? Mine isn't? every time I try to load the page it takes ages and in the end this is what comes up:

(Yes, my full screen ;], Click to enlarge)

It says

connect to upstream server timedout

Url: /

Anyone got any idea what its about???

Comments please!

Just incase it won't be fixed by today and its not working for some other people either, heres some websites simliar to stardoll that you might like:

  • Girl Sense- Make your own boutique and design your own fashions
  • Lady Popular- Make your own Lady and enter the world of glamour, fashion, make-up, party and even get your own boyfriend!
  • i-Dress Up- Dress up dolls, listen to music, party and go to the pet shop and get your own adorable pet!!!
doggielover666 xxx

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