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Friday, 4 November 2011

Medoll Tutorial: Piercings

Hey dollies! I'm here with another tutorial. This one is simple &' I'll be using my medoll again. 
This tutorial is on mole art words &' piercings.

It will be step-by-step and quite simple.


The key to mole art words is: You need to have spaces between the letters, and etc...


The key to piercings also has to do with spaces, but more than anything it has to placing.
You don't want too many piercings on your doll, because it can crowed the face &' make it look bad.
This is my medoll. You can see the piercings around the mouth, right?

That kinda what you want. You want piercings to look like they belong &' you don't want them to stand out much. So if you do lots of piercings it's best to have a very decorated medoll.


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