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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Last weeks post and this weeks outcome..

Thats the e-post card above ^^

You might remember I did a post saying I want at least 50 followers by the end of the new week and what do I get? Not much change; Actually, no change at all! We're still on 42 followers and I'm DETERMINED this time to get it!
I will post a e-post card on the blog that you can email to your friends and stuff and see if they're interested. Try your best this week to achieve this new goal. And if we can get 50 by next Sunday, I'm sure we'll have about 80 followers by Christmas!
 If you don't want to email the post card to anyone here is the message you can send to your stardoll friends:
Hey! Check out this amazing blog and if you really like it, why don't you follow it? There is great prizes every 10 followers. Its so worth it! Give it a shot!
Just copy it into guestbooks, club discussions, albums, sceneries, covergirl page etc. Post it in as many places as you can!!!
If you want to show your participation in this, post your stardoll name in the comments and maybe you will even receive a gift!
Good Luck.. Vikkah xx

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