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Thursday, 24 November 2011

How To Do: Autumn Beauty

Okay so I am trialing which topic i should write about so i decided to do a how-to-do outfits based idea. So here are the Superstar and Non-Superstar versions of this theme:

  • Hotbuys Leopard Print Hat 2- 9 SD
  • Trendy Jacket-26 SD
  • Seeing Daisies Blouse-14 SD
  • Fuschia Skirt-9 SD
  • Brown Leather Boots- 4 SD


  • Azure Swan Blouse- 86 SC
  • Skirt Inspired by Seline- 50 SC
  • Azure Zebra Stripe Purse- 64 SC
  • Grey Tribal Print Tights- 79 SC
  • Bronze Horn Belt- 53 SC
  • Black Web Ankle Boots- 74 SC

Hope this looks good guys!
Comment your opinions!! :)



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