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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Epic Medolls: avrilfan123456, velvetyrat. and Violet_1313

Hey! I'm sorry I've forgotten to post. But to make up for it I have 3 epic Medolls for you today!

Here we go...

Here is the first of our three dolls. Her name is Carolyn, she's a DC'er. She has been on Stardoll for over 3 years. I think she deserves to be in our blog because she's a committed stardoll'er. Her medoll is truly epic, and she shouldv'e been here sooner.

Her name is Breanna. She's and OC'er. She will have been on stardoll for 3 years this November. 
I love here doll. It's not really that cool, but there's just something I love about it.

And last, but not least...

Her name is Violet. Here medolls are always epic. Once she had one that looked just like a skeleton.She's been on stardoll for almost 2 years.

This has been an 'Epic medoll' post!

[click on the user names to go to their suites]

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