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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Epic Medoll: killjoy. and hannah-jones239

Hello Dolls! I'm here with an Epic Medoll post.
I'm currently sick, so I'll probably be posting lots today.

Our first epic medoll is killjoy.
[click on her name to go to her suite]

Her name is Niamh [Or at least I think it is.] She hasn't been on stardoll long, but she's still pretty epic. I found her in OC and I basically stalked her I was so obsessed with her doll. x]

Our second doll is hannah-jones239
[click on her name]

Her name is Taylor. I found her in OC also. I love, love, LOVE her doll. I wish mine was like hers.

This has been an Epic Medoll post! 
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