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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

MSW Has started!!!!

Hey guys!! This is actually sooooo exciting because Miss Stardoll World is back!! You can visit the campaign by clicking HERE. You can now vote fore your favorite doll by clicking this icon-

In their suite above the cover girl rating stars. You can only vote a person once per day so you can vote as many dolls as you like but only once a day, if that's clear? Its hard to explain! And you have to have at least 400 star points to vote and see the voting buttons.

There are some amazing prizes! You can read about them on the campaign page. 
Right now its still the 1st Round and voting will finish on the 16th September. 680 will go through to the MSW finals. 

You can get a free dress, mirror and a voting icon by clicking HERE. Then scroll down to the very bottom and you will see this picture-

Click on this button-

It will bring you to your suite and you will have 2 MSW boxes beside your wardrobe. 

Find out more about prizes, how to promote yourself etc. on the campaign page.
Best of luck everyone! xxx


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